Right now, several children in the UK are scared, feel unloved, and like they don’t matter to anyone. They are neither seen nor understood, and worst of all, they aren’t getting the help they so rightfully deserve.

Do you know? There are almost a million children and young ones in England who are living with at least seven serious problems in their lives. Without proper help, this will not only be an overwhelming experience for these kids but also a lonely one as well.

“This has to change. No child should feel alone.”

The English Premier League is one of the few sports leagues in the world that follows the aim of achieving more than just trophies and generating greater profits. EPL has consistently shown how much it cares about the health and wellbeing of its young fans.

Many EPL team’s management and stars, along with their coaches, have gone far and beyond in helping young kids in improving their standard of living and also enjoy football matches in a way it was meant to be.

To provide a complete experience to the individuals using a wheelchair, it is also instructed that around 75% of the seats are elevated. In 2015, the “Equality and Human Rights Commission” (EHRC) stepped into the matter and took legal actions against some of the biggest football clubs in the UK like Manchester United and Chelsea.

A decade back, vulnerable children with certain mental or physical disabilities have felt left out of the crowd. They couldn’t go to see matches with their parents or even experience the glory of this wonderful sport. However, things started to change recently when many clubs started making efforts to acknowledge these young hidden stars and created separate spaces in the stadium filled with fun activities, all for the entertainment of these children.

In 2012, the impact of these family-oriented initiatives started getting clear. In the season 2012-13, 29% supporters of the Premier League went to a few matches with their children, and out of those, 13% of ticket-holders were juniors. This was a great achievement considering it seemed almost like an impossible task to achieve.