About Footie With Dad

About Footie With Dad

Saturday is often referred to as Football day in most British households. Father & Child are often seen at the football enjoying the special bond they have, thanks to the beautiful game Football brings each and every one of us.

At Footie With Dad we live and breathe football, the beautiful game has a habit of bringing people together in good times and bad. One of the reasons why Footie With Dad came to the fold, is because of an idea centred around the close knit bond Football has helped create between my son and I.

There were unfortunate difficulties when my son was born nearly 12 years ago, the first eleven months of his life were spent in hospital with the outcome looking bleak. During many hours, days and nights spent by his bedside wishing it was me lying there and swap places, one thought kept me going through the pain and struggle of it all – The thought of taking him to watch a game at my beloved White Hart Lane, holding him aloft as we celebrated a win – was just a small dream that I hoped that would one day become reality all being well.

However, with my son’s condition critical, the dream and the opportunity to take him to Spurs and experience what a football match is all about seemed far out of reach as time went on.

Luckily enough, i’m pleased to say, after numerous operations he became stronger and It wasn’t long before he was able to come home for the first time and meet the family properly – At the time I remember looking back and thinking about the dream I had for my son and I to go to the football together – I knew with this good news that one day my hope of taking him to football was an immense possibility!

Three years ago, the day I had been waiting for had come to the surface – I was lucky enough to take my son to his first ever football match!

As we headed into the game and the whistle blew to get the match underway, I was worried my son wouldn’t like it as much as I hyped it up in my head and that he wouldn’t want to go again with his old Dad!

I spent the whole match, not watching the match, but watching him – Thankfully, my son really enjoyed his first game and so it was that Football with Dad was born!

Before I became a Dad, I travelled to as many away games as I could following Tottenham Hotspur up and down the country. Like everyone from time to time, I used to get very upset and frustrated when we hadn’t played well and lost the game, thinking what a waste of time & money it had all been – not to mention the long trip home!

Last year my son suggested we go to Newcastle United vs Spurs, this was my son’s furthest away game he had attended. We were in good spirits prior to the game as we left London at the early time of 6.00 am and catching the train from Kings Cross station. Spurs had been playing superbly all season and Newcastle had just been relegated to The Championship in the weeks before – Surely there was only one outcome? What could go wrong?

As Daryl Janmaat popped up with the fifth goal, confirming the 5-1 demolition by the Toon Army on that tragic May afternoon, I remember turning around to my son and saying: “Sorry about the result son, I hope this hasn’t ruined our trip too much!”

To my surprise and absolute delight, my son replied with: “Dad – win, lose or draw I love my football days with you, can we try going to every away game next season please?”

In a nutshell, that is why going to the football with my son means so much to me, the pure enjoyment on his face while watching the game, no matter what the result may be. The thought of getting up next weekend and doing it all over again is one of excitement like a kid at Christmas and that’s just me!

Footie With Dad isn’t just for Dad’s, all parents/grandparents/guardians are welcome to share their experiences with their offspring, together at your chosen favourite football club – Whoever you support, whatever league your team is in, whatever country you reside from – you’re welcome to share your stories with us!

On our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages you can follow, like and share all the exciting things we have planned for Footie With Dad – pictures, videos, experiences, news, match facts, teams, players, transfers, polls, trivia, PRIZE GIVEAWAYS and much more will be coming to you via Footie With Dad!

Get involved by sharing your stories with us in whatever way you feel is best – At one time, I thought it might not be possible to share mine – It’s uplifting to hear similar stories being brought together by the sport we all love and enjoy.

Mine and my son’s shared story started off as a dream and the reality is now luckily second to none, this is the special bond that football has created between us, this could be you and your loved one too!

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