When I was a toddler, I was good never bad,
All I ever thought of, was going to footie with dad.
But I was very poorly, and my mum was so sad,
She could see all I wanted, was to go to footie with dad.

Lots of dads go to the game, every week, with their lad,
And I often dreamed of going footie with dad.
I always knew that when I got better, I’d be glad,
Because then I’d be strong enough, to go to footie with dad.

Then came the day I felt better, the best I ever had,
My dreams all came true, and I went to the footie with dad.
Our team lost the game, but I was happy not sad,
All that mattered to me, was being at the footie with dad.

So, if you’re born poorly, don’t get angry or mad,
Just keep your focus on going, to footie with dad.
Or even going to footie, with mum, gran or grandad,
But for me it’s the best, going to footie with dad.

Written by Phil Brennan.

Phil is the Editor at @TheNonLeagueMag & @4TheFootballFan – make sure you give these accounts a follow!